Interested ? The first thing for you to do is to order an oriental guitar. Would you decide to use this method in your school, then we could work hand in hand on your project. How? Well, simply through the forum, the frequently asked questions, e-mail, MSN or YAHOO messenger, etc.

Sir Naftali Lahav will provide you with a CD-ROM with a complete teaching method. That will serve as a guide if you are in a hurry to find ideas or it will just help you to find inspiration, which is especially useful for beginners.


My help is completely free, as long as time allows me. The only thing you will have to do is order the oriental guitar kit at Naftali Lahav and pay a license to give class (One by school - to life - for 200 $). In my opinion a very reasonable price.

Regarding schools, the prices of the guitars are, of course, on a sliding scale according to the amount bought.


Once you have acquired your oriental guitar, a thousand of new experiences will start for you. Indeed, you will be able to compose music, read ancient melodies for continuous bass, compose, improvise, work on the rhythm of your partitions, etc...

Although rudimentary, this instrument produces a very pleasing sound of high artistic quality.

To listen to examples and see videos, please go to the Natali Lahav site :

The following pieces have been composed by Françoise Thibaut with the Pizzicato software. However, it doesn’t have (yet) the sound of “my oriental guitar” in its data, but a similar sound has been used.

1. Sarangi : arranged for 2 oriental guitars.


2. Jingle Bell : arranged for 1 oriental guitar and a guitar.


3. La petite gayole : arranged for 1 oriental guitar and a guitar.