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The school of music of Treignes exists since 1969 and has been founded by Pierre Wiaume. It welcomed professors of song, saxophone, piano, violin and drums. Currently, it proposes courses of piano, solfege, clarinet, singing, classic guitar and oriental guitar.

Our school is a member of the  non- profit making association“ Fanfare Union Fraternelle” at Treignes .Contact: Bernard   Brootcoorens 060/39.94.80. -   present director of the school also. It has also the privilege to be supported by a committee of devoted and dynamic parents.

On the tourist level, installed in Viroinval, the village of Treigne has astonishing places to visit  as The Museum of the “Malgré-tout”   installed in a former powerhouse that covers the archaeological domain while proposing temporary and permanent exhibitions, as well as a very beautiful  site of reconstitutions of prehistoric habitats. It is also the “Ecomusée” of the Valley of the Viroin located in an old farm-castle of Treignes, also proposing there of the temporary and permanent exhibitions, with between other the exhibition on the former professions whose  fell in desuse. Treignes it is again, the “Espace Arthur Masson,” taking life of the works of our “Pagnol” Walloon, through a course-spectacle whose hero is Toine Culot, the most famous character of Arthur Masson. Finally, Treignes, it is also with the museum of the railroad to vapor   of the Three Valleys and  its collection of former steam trains  and former wagons of travelers, without forgetting the possibility to make a journey by steam train, on the old railway line joining Mariembourg to Treignes.